A great way to discover our Earl Grey offerings  -   each one unique in it's taste. This kit includes 4 loose leaf teas -30g of each one  (approximately 15 cups).

Classic Earl Grey Using high quality Ceylon tea, blended with natural oils, flavours and cornflower petals,  this is a truly superb Earl Grey and one of our most popular teas. 

Russian Earl Grey  A delightful citrus infusion using  luxury black tea blended  with natural lemongrass leaves and real orange pieces. Delicious on its own or add a splash of milk to bring out the citrus notes.

Countess Grey  A traditional Earl Grey  with a   citrus/floral twist bringing together orange pieces, limes leaves, rose petals  and  a delicate sprinkling of cornflower  petals.  Lively full flavoured and  subtle

Earl Grey Oolong  The toasty slightly sweet notes of  long-fired premium Formosa Oolong blends beautifully with the distinctive flavour of bergamot and jasmine  - a most intriguing & flavoursome tea.

BREW -guide for Classic, Russian and Countess Greys     100c   3-5 mins

BREW -guide for Earl Grey Oolong                                  80/90c  2-3 mins

Category: Black Tea Kits

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