KOMBUCHA AND PLUM - Flavoured Green Tea

Believed to have been  consumed by the emporers of the Quin dynasty, Kombucha  is a culture of yeasts and bacteria that are said to have many positive & beneficial characteristics . This is a beautiful green tea, smooth, delicious and refreshing with a wonderful rich fruity aroma.

  • CAFFEINE: Approx. 20mg per cup
  • LEAVES:  Steamed Sencha Green Leaves
  • INGREDIENTS: Luxury Sencha Green Tea,  Kombucha Extract, Lemongrass, Sweet Calmus root, Mallow blossoms,  Natural Flavours,
  • ORIGIN:  China
  • GROWN: Approx. up 1500ft ASL
  •   BREW (a guide not a rule)   80c  2-3 mins


Category: Green

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