Bring together high grown Oolong from Taiwan with outstanding Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka and combine them with naturally dried orange peel and fragrant jasmine petals and the result is our delicious Oolong Orange Blossom, a truly exotic, full flavoured tea that delivers the most exceptional taste experience that can be further explored through multiple infusions. Be sure to try this Oolong iced, it is extremely refreshing. 

  • CAFFEINE: Approx. 25mg per cup
  • LEAVES: Semi - Oxidised
  • INGREDIENTS: Luxury Oolong Tea, Luxury Black Tea, Jasmine Petal, Naturally Dried Orange, Natural Flavours
  • ORIGIN:  Taiwan , Sri Lanka
  • GROWN: Approx. up to 2500 ft ASL
  • BREW (a guide not a rule)   80/90c  2-3

Category: Oolong

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