Our quality leaf teas are only sold loose but we understand that teapots and strainers are not always convenient.  To ensure you can enjoy loose leaf teas in any situation we offer you the convenience of a tea bag to create yourself - the easy  way to brew loose leaf tea at home,  in the office , when travelling..  in-fact anywhere! 

Our T Papers  are hassle free filters  that give you all the benefits of drinking loose leaf tea. Simply spoon your loose tea or herbs into the t-paper and pop it into your cup or teapot - the leaves can unfurl and infuse perfectly. No need for a holder, no more loose tea leaves in the sink, and when you're done,  you can  compost them with your loose tea! 

Raw Materials Manilla Hemp & Hot Seal Fibres Biodegradeable & Chlorine Free

£2.00 Pack of 50

Category: Tea Brewing

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