Sencha  style green tea  ( non fermented, steamed, pan fired and polished)  blended with apple and lemon pieces ,  layered with safflower and sunflower petals and delicate hints of caramel to balance.   Deliciously  bright and refreshing -  excellent paired with vodka or gin the ultimate  green tea  martini!

  • CAFFEINE: Approx. 20mg per cup
  • LEAVES: Sencha  made to Japanese Specification
  • INGREDIENTS: Luxury Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Lemon Pieces, Saffllower and Sunflower petals ,Natural Flavours
  • ORIGIN: Hunan Province, China
  • GROWN: Up to approx. 4000ft ASL
  • BREW (a guide not a rule)   80c  2-3 min


Category: Green

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