My passion for speciality coffee  and loose tea was first realised in the 80's whilst working in the food & drinks industry. Some years later  whilst studying horticulture and garden design ,  I spent  time travelling  throughout  India,  Sri Lanka and the Americas .   My passion for the coffee tree and  tea bush were  re-awakened   and the research began.

As a result of this new found passion  combined with the physical  challenges I faced daily  as a landscape gardener  I took a leap and   in 2009  founded Jaju Beans & Leaves. So far it has been just as rewarding and enjoyable if not as physically demanding and equally hard work!  My love of plants and horticulture of course remains as strong as ever! 

Working with  talented roasters and expert tea masters who search, source and validate our products,  the  focus here is to  offer premium  craft- roasted  coffee and luxury loose leaf tea from around the world .

Discover coffee from small farms, estates and co-operatives that are expertly hand roasted and cup-tasted for optimum quality. Some of these  are certified organic, most are cultivated that way, many are shade grown and all are ethically sourced.

We offer the highest quality loose leaf teas available and supply only whole or broken young leaves. We never do dust!

Our  luxury teas are sourced through member organisations of the Ethical Tea Partnership, who aim to monitor and improve the lives of tea workers and create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

When it comes to Fair Trade we feel that its limitations and even its disadvantages  do not warrant this route.  Instead we choose to  support direct trade  and so  prefer whenever possible to offer coffee from those farms that have direct relationships with our bulk suppliers. This provides a much more effective method. Coffee farmers and growers are paid  a premium price and are duly rewarded for their skill and expertise,  whilst  we get to enjoy  top quality coffee. Win win. 

We are based on the lovely Sussex coast  and can be found at  various local farmers markets, festivals and foodie events in and around Sussex and Kent.Check out our events page for full details -  It would be great to see you!