Perfect naturally withered white tea depends on temperate conditions. The top two leaves and bud should show a very pale green, almost grey white colour and be covered in a velvety  down. This high quality Pai Mu Tan is a wonderful example of this ancient process. The flavour lies between that of green tea and oolong; floral, fragrant, smooth and aromatic with a bright golden yellow cup. A refreshing tea, with a fresh aroma, that can be enjoyed any time of day.  Also known a White Peony

  • CAFFEINE: Approx. 10mg per cup
  • LEAVES: Grade 1 Pai Mu Tan
  • INGREDIENTS: Luxury white tea
  • ORIGIN:  Fuijan Province, China
  • GROWN: Approx. up to 2000-4000 ft ASL
  • BREW (a guide not a rule)   80c  1-2 mins

Category: White

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