Jasmine is the most famous scented tea in China with a flavour that is subtly sweet and highly fragrant. This tea is a blend of high quality Sencha green tea, produced from mid March to mid May, and fine Jasmine blossoms that bloom in May. The intoxicating aroma and balanced delicate flavour is created by layering Jasmine flowers with the tea that so as they bloom they release their fragrance . This beautiful tea may be enjoyed at anytime of the day. 

  • CAFFEINE: Approx. 25mg per cup
  • LEAVES:  Jasmine No.1 Steamed
  • INGREDIENTS: Luxury Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers
  • ORIGIN:  Fuijan Province, China
  • GROWN: Approx. up to 1500 ft ASL
  • BREW (a guide not a rule)   80-85c  2-3 mins

Category: Green

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